Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Shopkins Party for Olivia

Seven, how in the world is she 7?!? We partied early this year because June 4th was the only available Saturday in June. So we hustled through the end of school and had a great early party! I had one week from the end of school until her party to get it together. She had a blast this year!!! I am SO proud of her. She really came out of her shell and opened her presents while her friends were there and blew out the candles after we sang Happy Birthday! She doesn't like attention directly on her, so I was surprised when she asked to open her presents. She got a ton of great stuff (now to find a place for it all!)!!
I still can't get over that she is 7!

Unfortunately, on our way to get the balloons Saturday she told me her ear hurt. I told her I couldn't do anything about it, and she seemed fine. On Sunday I decided that I would run her over to the doctor and since Easton was also snotty I would just get 2 appts because he probably had an ear infection as well. An hour later we left the doctors office with strep for Easton and an ear infection for both. I asked about her being swabbed and they said her throat wasn't red and she looked great. At 6 p.m. she told me she had a headache. That is her strep sign. I decided to go ahead and take her to an after hours clinic. Strep showed up quickly. I let all 30 of the kids parents know that both of my kids were sick. A few days later, 3 other kids had it. My kids never had fevers and didn't seem sick. It was crazy! I felt terrible for exposing that many people, but all the moms were very understanding. 

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