Sunday, June 26, 2016

Vacation Day 2

We had a rough night with Easton. I could tell he had fever and just didn't feel well. So, we sent everyone off to the beach and I went with him to a minute clinic.

Bless his heart, he felt terrible. His temp was 103 and he was just miserable. After seeing the doctor we left with amoxacillan for his ears. Yep, his ears....again. I decided since he seemed so pitiful to just hang in for the day with him. He slept off and on all day.

After getting some tylenol and a dose of medicine in him as well as a restful day, I decided he could handle going out to dinner. By looking at the picture below, you can't tell he even fells bad or had had such a rough day! Dinner was excellent!   We walked around for a bit trying to find exatly what we wanted to eat without a 2 hour wait. Plus, mom wanted fresh red snapper. I didnt care where we ate as long as there was food other than fish on the menu my group would be fine! We decided on a restaurant and it was very nice. They had homemade hush puppies with a raspberry butter and I had a salad with a watermelon vinagerette! Delicious!!!

(Nope, didn't eat here, but they played on their sign!)

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