Sunday, May 20, 2012

8 months old

I know you are not suppose to compare your children, but I am going to compare our waiting differences that we have had so far. With Olivia we got a total of 4 pictures during our 11 month wait. So far we have received 11 pictures of our little man. I think that with Olivia, the extended wait was so new that they didn't quite know how to handle it, now they are trying to send more updates and pictures to help the waiting process. He has grown and thinned out some since last month and seems to be doing well.
Olivia's response when she saw the picture was, "done, doc doc." Tell me what in this picture says he has been to the doctor? I know that he had just completed his checkup because they go monthly for one, but this made me think that she may remember?? Her next comment was, "where bed?" In the pictures we received of her she was always in a room with a toddler bed. I don't want to over think it, but I am thinking that she does remember. It just amazed me that she had those thoughts upon seeing the pictures. I am ready to get my hands on this little guy! He is definitely a cutie, and kinda looks like he could wreck a steel ball. :) Oh my! Put the two of them together and we are in trouble for sure!

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  1. New pictures are such a treat! He is just cute and handsome!