Monday, May 7, 2012

Where do babies come from?

This has been an interesting topic at our house lately. Not that Olivia can completely verbalize that question, but she keeps sticking her head up my shirt and saying, "mommy, baby?" Yes, cute and funny, but bless her heart, she is confused. Aunt Leslie is pregnant, and Olivia sees her belly growing. She is determined to get her head under Leslie's shirt before it is all over. Then she sees us showing her pictures of little man and talking about how he is coming to live with us and how that is her brother. We told her we get our babies on airplanes. So, without prompting, here is what she did a few nights ago--

Silly face!

Mr. Grumpfish (Bubble Guppies) face.

She got little man's picture and sat on her blue plane that my mom gave her shortly after coming home and said, "me go, baby." Unfortunately, we didn't get the camera fast enough, but we did get some cute ones. So, maybe she does understand in some odd way, or maybe she is just super confused. That is a confusing concept at 2 1/2 to see someone with a baby in their belly and hear us talk about it and then talk about going to get brother on a plane and mommy's belly isn't growing (well, not because of pregnancy anyway.) In time I guess it will straighten itself out as we continue to talk about adoption and how families grow differently, but for now she will look up my shirt and ask, "baby" and be really stinkin cute!

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  1. How sweet! It is so hard for them to understand and also to wait. She will be a great big sister!