Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last day of school

As many of you know, Olivia attended Parent's Day Out for the first time this semester. We started out pretty rocky. (When I say rocky, I mean Olivia threw up so much on the teacher that she had to go home to change. Olivia then carried a puke bucket to school the next three or four times.) Now, even driving by she gets excited to go see "Mrs. Membe" and "Mrs. Ter Ter." I love that she loves it so much. She comes home and will tell me that her favorite part was painting or playing. She has learned to put herself to sleep on her nap mat (um....why the heck can't we do that here?!?) Her language is getting better. She has formed better social skills, and has seen that we always come back to pick her up. I know that doesn't seal the deal for her as far as confidence, but it is a good start. I can't imagine how nervous and scared she must have been that first day. I am extremely proud of her. We have her program Friday night. The title...."Our Little American Blessings." Yes, that one is laughable to me seeing as she will be the only little asian face standing up there. Oh how I love that face! I can't thank her teachers enough. I made a little thank you gift for them, but it is minuscule as compared to how much I truly do appreciate them. Thanks to pinterest and a little bit of my own creativity, I came up with a beach towel, magazines, a cup with lemonade crystal light packets and a sonic gift card all in a cute sand pail. On the cup I put, "I hope you have a "refreshing" summer!" I hope they like it.
All in all, I look at how far Olivia has come in such a short time. Really, she only went to school in January and the beginning of February. Got sick in February and we weren't allowed to return until April 1st. When she returned in April its like she was a whole new kid. She will walk in and start to play. She is the youngest one in her class. Originally, we were going to keep her in this class next year too. However, I think they want to send her on. I told them it was up to them. I don't see her in that setting, so they would know better than me. I was surprised they want her to go on. Hopefully it isn't because she has been a handful for them. :) I hope it is because she is equal to her peers. I would love for her to be in their class again, but I want to see her excel as well. So, we will see in the fall what is to be decided. I am satisfied with whatever they decide. I trust their decision. I can't believe it is summertime again! Happy day here!!!! I only have 7 days left of work and then I get to hang out with my sweet girl! I am so looking forward to that.

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