Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mommy wow.....

I'm a big kid now!

Is that jingle gonna be stuck in your head the rest of the day? The big news is that Olivia's Dora undies actually didn't fall off! I figured they would swallow her, but really they were ok. I decided that I would play a little with potty training. We are definitely doing it this summer, but we were home on a rainy Saturday, and I thought, why not?! She has been 'pee peeing' in the potty for quite sometime, but she also still goes in her diaper. This kid HATES to be dirty, so I thought, excellent....she will make a mess one time and have it. Um, not so much. She made it for a while, and then had a small accident. She didn't like it. She took off running saying, "mommmy, pee pee!" Unfortunately, we have to learn to say "mommy pee pee" BEFORE she actually goes. Oh well! Not a total fail I suppose. I mean, look at how cute she is in those undies. She is totally rockin' Dora! So, I see that as a success. :)

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