Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween

When I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween, Olivia repeatedly told me "a ladybug!"  So, a ladybug it is!  I really didn't love either costume, but she was happy.
We went to Tanya's for her annual Halloween picture session, and I didn't think she was going to crack a smile.  Finally, she did!  This picture is from my phone when Tanya was working with another family.  It was pretty cold as compared to last week's 80 degrees, so I called Belk on the way home to see if they still had their ladybug costume.  It was warmer!  Luckily, they did AND they had just marked them down!  So, score for both!!!  We went to Nana's and helped get her candy out and greeted a few trick or treaters and then went to Mammy and Buppies house.  We had planned on making a fire pit, but decided to just stay in.  We ate dinner and then went trick or treating to a few houses.  She had fun on Halloween and mom said that as she ate her breakfast Friday morning and Olivia kept saying, "do Halloween again!"  during her whole meal!  So glad she had fun!

Costume 1--it has cute little antenna's but you can't see
them because of the sun.  She also has cute wings on the back. 

Costume 2--much warmer and has an attached hood.
Cute black and red stripe leggings.  

I guess the holiday season has officially begun!!  Happy Holidays!!! 

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