Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

We celebrated our 2nd Thanksgiving with Olivia and she seemed to have a great day!  I didn't get any pictures since I was cooking and the girls were running around and busy, busy, busy. Apparently, this picture was taken at some point.  Adeline's expression is priceless!
This year, my aunt, uncle and cousin came from Chattanooga to join us.  I have mentioned before, but I love when all of my family is together.  My dad and uncle are hilarious together and it makes for a ton of fun.  Olivia quickly labeled Uncle Don as "Buppie's friend."  They look so much alike that she said they were different because Buppie had on white socks and his friend had on blue.  I don't think we had any major snags this year.  Last year the oven went out, so I don't know that we could top that one!!

Yesterday the girls went to a few little shops.  None of the Black Friday madness, but just some boutiques.  I said that I would go and just look and I stuck to it!  It has been a great Thanksgiving.  I can't wait until next year.  We will have another little one running around.  Hurry home Easton.  We missed you at the table!

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