Sunday, November 25, 2012

first decoration

Typically, I can pull out our Christmas decorations and have the two trees, mantel, nutcrackers, and nativities thrown up in an hour and a half.  I put away our Thanksgiving things tonight, and decided I didn't want to start on getting Christmas out.  I want to let Olivia help and it was getting too late to start.  I am guessing it will take longer than my normal throw it up and go' style, but it will be much more fun....I hope.
 I did, however, get out the one thing that Olivia hated to see go away last year.  I got out our little people nativity scene and Olivia squealed! She immediately got up in the "baby seat" at the table and got out all the pieces.  We took the batteries out last year, so John asked her to read the instructions to him so she could "help."  Before we knew it, she was "reading" and her words were "Jesus loves me this I know....."  She said, "all done" and John had the batteries in ready to go.  She has played with it the rest of the night.  I LOVE this time of year and even more, I LOVE seeing her and hearing her thoughts about the season.

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