Friday, December 14, 2012


Well, we have some really big news.  I really think it is blog worthy and deserves a fair explanation.  We have decided to move.

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE my house.  I LOVE our builder even more, my dad.  I almost cried when I pulled up today and saw the sign in our yard.  This is a perfect home with a gorgeous back yard.  We, however, are running out of space.  I keep trying to convince myself that this doesn't hurt mom, dad or anyone's feelings, but in truth, my feelings are really sad.  I guess I should say it is a mixture.  I am sad, excited, and nervous all in one.  I hate change.  I look around and I see dad everywhere in this house.  He says his last customer put him out of business.  Ha....that was me!  However, I know I can see him everywhere in a new house too.  I fully intend on him and John building another fence, slat by slat, making a gorgeous mantle, painting, etc.  So dad, aren't you projects!  Seriously, my parents are the two most giving and caring people I know.  We decided to go ahead and put our house on the market for future reasons.  All of our sweet neighbors are passing away, and I am worried about what will come of our little street in the future.  Olivia needs kids her age to play with.  Our family is growing.  If something ever happens to dad, I would NEVER leave here.  You know my parents won't get old and kill over, right?! Well, that's what I say anyway!  Did I mention that I HATE change??    

So... why do I feel an explanation of what our new (potential) home may look like is in order?  Well, it will be larger with features that I never would have dreamed of would be possible for us--especially during an adoption.  Many of you have helped us financially, and no worries, your money is tucked safely in a savings account where it will stay until travel.  This move appears to be a huge jump for us, but is an equal move.  More square footage, but financially the same.  I feel I owe that explanation to those who have or will help us because if it were me looking in, my eyebrow would be raised!  The reason is that since dad built the house, we have equity!  Yay dad!!  Also, interest rates are unbelievably low.  Now, let me remind you, this is all contingent on if  our home sells.  I have kinda given myself a time frame on selling or not, and if it doesn't then it wasn't meant to be.  However, our family knows the builder well, and I have found connections with both our Realtor and loan  application lady.  These two people were simply referred to us.  They live in the Nashville area, but not here.  What are the odds?!  To me, that is a sign to proceed.
Just this week, we decided to do this, got a storage unit, cleared out the house (check out our listing--if you know what it looked like before then you will be impressed!), AND got the house listed.  All of this since Monday night.  As we moved things out, I said, " I have to keep moving because if I stop, I will cry and quit."  I could see the day we moved in.  I kept envisioning that and everything that has happened while living here and it really makes me sad.  PLUS, dad built it!  It is a great quality home, and I know it for a fact!  All of the little details he put into our house are wonderful!  Heck, when I saw the listing I was interested in buying it. :)  I feel so torn.  I have a lump in my throat thinking about turning the key for the last time or envisioning someone else living here.  I don't know that I can do this!  I guess time will tell.

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