Sunday, December 9, 2012


I realized that I have gotten a few pictures of Easton, and I haven't shared them.  I have seriously been slacking on the blog lately.  We got a video and some new pictures just a couple weeks ago due to a scare.  It is never good when we get a phone call from our international social worker.  I knew when she called and had me call her at home that it was something worth worrying about.  His foster mother reported a screaming fit with his eyes rolling back in his head.  No convulsing, but still scary and could be a seizure.  So....I called our adoption clinic at Vanderbilt.  I wasn't overly worried, because it really sounded like a good ole temper tantrum.  After talking to our doctor, she eased my worries by saying she thinks that it sounded like a breath holding fit until he passed out.  We compiled a set of questions and sent them back to our international agency and then sent them to Korea.  I thought it would be a month until we heard back, but within a week we had answers to our questions and pictures.  Within another week, we had a video!!  I think he is ok.  I haven't heard back from the hospital yet, but my gut says he is ok.  What do you think??  I see a cute little fellow there!  This picture was actually taken two days after the scare.
Regardless of ok or mama wants a phone call that something might be wrong with their little guy who is on the other side of the world.  When your little one is sick you simply want to hold them, tell them it is ok.  So ready for him to be home!

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