Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

This year may have been my favorite Christmas yet!  Christmas Eve was laid back and a good day here at home.  We went to Mom's for dinner and to make cookies.  

We made our annual sugar cookies and then opened our pj's!   
Um....who are you?  Where is my sweet little girl? John took this and said
 she just posed this way--where do they learn this? 

Merry Christmas Eve!
Three cute girls!
Last year John had the stomach bug so our "new tradition" of staying at home for Santa to come instead of spending the night at mom and dad's house started then.
 I loved watching Olivia opening presents and understanding what was going on.  She was a lot of fun this year at Christmas.  However, we did spend an hour in the bed trying to convince her that it was ok to go upstairs, she finally  decided to get up and go check things out.  I explained that Santa had left all the blue packages, and to open those first.  She stared for a minute and then dug in. 
Before Santa
Yay!!  Santa came!!
Trying to find his presents--which he successfully did at each house. 

Oscar liked his gifts, too!

Just climbed on over to reach the next gift.

The look of disappointment because she didn't know what these were.
 This is when she told us "Ho Ho" messed up!

One happy girl!
It took some convincing, but she finally opened the presents from us.

She had opened some games that would go to her "ipad" (leap pad 2) and threw them to the side because she didn't know what they were.  She got down to the last gift, huffed and said, "ho ho brought me the wrong stuff, me no like this!"  She opened her "ipad" and realized that Ho Ho brought her the right stuff!!  (Yes, she can say Santa, but anytime I ask her to she says she would rather call him Ho Ho.) She then started opening gifts from us.  When she opened the clothes she literally threw them to the side.  I think we may need to work on appreciation and attitude. :)  We finished opening presents at home and loaded up to head to Mammy and Buppy's house where they were ready to get started over there.  We worked on opening presents there for a while and then had a yummy lunch.

Harley's first Christmas!  We got him the perfect present!

Annelyn opening her "first long haired American doll."

Where did all the presents go?

The girls watched Tinkerbell before we left. 

She got a tag jr. from my parents and Annelyn got her "1st long haired American doll."  After nap we loaded up and went to Nana's for more presents.  I hated to leave mom and dad's house, but knew we needed to get to Nana's.  Poor Nana is sick with an upper respiratory thing, so I am betting she was ready for bed.  She had a ton of food and cookies.  We opened presents and hung out for a bit and then headed home.  

Olivia decided to help her cousin pass out presents.  She was trying
to convince us that they all said Olivia. 

She made Nana a present.  Can't you tell Nana loved it!! 
We were home early enough to play with some of Olivia's new toys and enjoy some popcorn together.  I always hate to see Christmas day end.  I always feel sad for the day to end.    We are currently all snuggled on the couch in our pjs watching tv (me blogging) and Olivia playing with her new "ipad."  I look around and feel very blessed to have my family.  Merry Christmas to all!!!!

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