Friday, June 28, 2013

A few updates and packages

We have gotten a couple pictures and updates on Easton lately and have also had the chance to send him a few packages.  I love to open my email to see "PICTURES FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!"  Our update brought a few initial concerns, but I am hopeful that much of it is due to lack of exposure.  He is now 21 mos. old.  I cannot believe it!  We are so ready to bring him home.  (I will come back to that.)  His report said that he is now walking, likes to put things in his mouth, imitates, and is a happy boy, but developmentally behind.  It also says that he is getting better day by day. 

As far as bringing him home.....we have no news of how close we are or where we are from our agency.  However, looking at other people who have received EP, we are close.  I think they are in March of 2012 and we are April 2012.  I find myself checking facebook and my email quite frequently these days in hopes of getting some good news!  For the longest, I haven't done that because there was no movement.  It is so good to see movement in Korea.  We cannot wait to get our arms around him.  As it seems now, we will make two trips.  We will go and appear in court and meet Easton.  (approx. 10 days) We will come home as a 14 day period begins for court approval.  This is new.  I will return to work (jet lag and all) and continue life here at home.  Once we have court approval, we will travel back to Korea and wait for his visa to be issued.  That is another 10-12 day trip.  At that time, we will bring him home and my maternity leave will begin.  When you ask????  Well, could be 3 mos, 6 mos, longer,  who knows?  There is no rhyme or  rhythm to this new system.  I am hopeful that we begin to see a trend of movement and things become more predictable, but for now we wait.  We love you son.  We are coming.....
This was our April picture.  I may have blogged it, but honestly with the end of school and moving, I have no clue what has been blogged and what hasn't.  And, it is just more cuteness to look at so I think its fine to put the picture in twice.

I love when I see what I sent from here in his hands there.  There is something
about that makes my heart happy. 

Apparently he loves playing with the cell phone we sent.  I hope he loves the remote control as much as he does the phone.  Don't you think he will look adorable in that hot pink shirt?!?!  Love it!

In the video and some updates, we heard that he needs help using a fork/spoon and he is working on using a sippy cup!  It was reported that he was chasing his foster brother and ran into the wall and has a bruise, so I figured he could use the boo boo puppy.  He also needs more finger foods/snacks.  Last but not least, a new toothbrush and toothpaste.  This was definitely a 'necessity' care package, but I just sent a fun one a couple weeks ago! 

One last picture that our social worker was able to snag while she was with the first family to attend court.  We love her!  She made a special effort to see our kiddo and we got video, too!!


  1. He looks wonderful!!!! I can't wait for him to be home!

  2. LOVE him!! Levi can't wait for his new BFF to hurry home and get settled so he can play! He looks great and growing like a weed! Come home soon little buddy!