Saturday, June 29, 2013


  We closed on our house on May 22nd.  I couldn't begin to think about moving since it was the last week of school.  With that comes kindergarten graduation, moving everything in my room, 19 wild, crazy and excited 5/6 year olds and some hectic, but fun days.  Before moving there was plenty to be done such as painting, light fixtures, delivering appliances, blinds, etc.  So, I was in no rush to get going out of my parents, but also knew everything had to be done by Olivia's birthday party on June 22nd.  Dad and John immediately started painting.  I felt pretty useless that first week, but I played with my niece Annelyn (my sister wasn't out for summer yet) and Olivia quite a bit.  I do not paint.  Murals, yes.  Painting a wall with a rolling 
Though I was in no hurry, mom had said that they would be keeping my sister's dog in a week so we had to go.  Mom was not having 4 dogs in the house...totally don't blame her if you knew three of the four dogs.  I mean, we all know my Oscar is perfect!  With that, we had a week.  Still, I wasn't in a hurry. 
Dad and John had just about finished Olivia's Doc McStuffins room when I had this grand idea to rent a uhaul.
 It was completely and totally spur of the moment!  Dad had just left for the day and I went into her room and told  John that I had one ready to pick up in 45 minutes.  The largest one you could rent, nonetheless!  We got the truck and within a few minutes were at Grandaddy's house which is where all of our stuff had been for the last 5 mos. 
As we pulled into the drive, we suddenly realized that we weren't moving.  We were stuck!  Thank goodness for Jim Jim (as Olivia calls him) that he was able to come and hook up his truck and pull us out in less than 5 mins. 

Bless them, he and Danyell had offered many times to help, but since we had no clue when that would be we really couldn't ask for the help and we were now on summer break which allowed our schedule to be a little more open. 

John and I got inside and I walked through.  I hadn't been in the whole 5 mos. we were at my parents.  I let John, Dad, and Jimmy get all that situated when we moved.  Oh my goodness!  Boxes were in every room as tall if not piled higher than me.  So, we started around 5:30, took a break to go eat and had the whole house loaded onto the truck by 10:30!  I can't believe I don't have a picture of that truck!  It was packed tightly and its the largest one they rent out.  We got started bright and early the next day and then decided to go unload the storage unit that had our furniture.  John and I loaded the truck and I was beat!  Our friends Ashley and Ryan had offered to come help, but Ryan was off work (rare) and I didn't want them to spend their time helping us.  Ashley asked again to help shortly after we had gotten to the new house with everything and I was one tired girl.  Thankfully, they came to the rescue and got here just in time to move the beast of a couch that we have!  She and I worked together and Ryan and John.  Before we knew it, the truck was unloaded.  We didn't stay at the new house for several more nights.  John and Olivia had a 'camp out' the night before we moved in.  This gave me time to clean at mom's and get stuff together.    As of today, we have been here 3 weeks!  I can't believe it has been that long!  We have been super busy, but it is all almost done! 

pics of the inside to come!



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