Monday, June 3, 2013


Last Friday, we hurried home from work, grabbed Olivia and Nana and headed to Fort Campbell to greet a group of soldiers coming home from Afghanistan.  One of those soldiers is quite special to our family as it is our niece's husband.  He had been deployed for 9 months. 
Olivia was quite nervous about the whole thing at first.  I hadn't ever been there, and it was very neat!  Amber, our niece has told us lots of stories about it, but to see a whole community unto itself was really neat. 
The Sunday before his homecoming, Amber made a welcome home sign with all of our handprints.
We had to ride a good ole school bus to get to where Andy would arrive.

 We hung out inside and Olivia ate some popcorn and squirmed around her cousins.

We headed outside to watch the plane arrive!
I loved Nana's comment when she saw the plane landing...."one of our boys home, now lets get the other one! (meaning Easton)"


And after the boys received some orders, they were released to their loved ones! We stood back and watched a few minutes before bombarding Andy. ;)


Olivia wanted to see Andy, but all the uniforms made her very uncomfortable.  At one point, she said "there are lots (making motions with her arms) of soldiers!"

Welcome Home Andy!!!  We are so happy that you made it back safely. 


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