Wednesday, June 5, 2013

End of School Program

This year, the theme for Olivia's end of MDO program was western.  Pretty sure we didn't have anything to fit that theme, so we had some time to put a super cute cowgirl together.  We found pink sparkly cowgirl boots (Hello expensive!!!  I found them way cheaper online!), a pink hat, and a shirt made with an 'O' out of 'rope'

The hat size to leg size ratio really cracks me up, but she was dressed and ready for her show.  Now, this girl, as you know is a bit shy sometimes.  So, what does a mama and dad do to help out the stage fright?  Bribery!!!  Even Mammy joined in.  This girl racked up!  We told her that if she would get up on stage and dance and do her thing that we would get her a fish....somehow that turned into 5 fish!  We also promised ice cream.  Mammy joined in and promised a new dress up outfit.  Olivia had been begging to get to sleep with Mammy and Buppie, so somehow, that got worked into the deal, too! 
Did she do it?  Well......kind of.  She didn't curl around her teacher and she sang every word to the other classes song.  She danced like she was suppose to and she seemed full of herself up there.  At one point, I could only see the back of her pink hat because they were suppose to be sitting down allowing the other class to sing, but she had her face in her friends face playing. 
(next to pole in back...this was their sit down time.)
 I am glad she had a good time.  We are working on the shyness.....she has come a long way!  She said she had fun, so.....all promises have been fulfilled except the dang fish.  Once we are in our house, I guess we will go buy 5 fish.  Oh my!!

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