Friday, September 20, 2013

Birthday care package

I am not sure that Easton received his package in time for his birthday, but he was thought of nonstop nonetheless.
 We had a simple celebration this year since we are waiting to travel.  No big party like last year, but a celebration here just us.  We are hoping that we go soon, but we aren't sure as there are a lot of steps still to go.  If it is near Christmas, we gotta save every.single.penny!  Hello international travel during the holidays!

Friday night on the 13th, we celebrated Easton.  It was the 14th in Korea, his actual birthday so we lit 2 candles and sang happy birthday.  Olivia tried to blow the smoke to Korea for him, but I am not so sure it got there this time....she was nervous about blowing out the candles with the ice cream already on top. 

And what kind of present do you get a child who isn't home yet??  He gets....drumroll......a mattress and box springs!!!  Don't knock it, he's gonna need it, right?!?!  

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