Saturday, September 14, 2013


Finally, we went!  We have talked and talked about going, but lets be honest, we are busy!  It is hard to commit to even 30 min. outside of the normal day.  I know, ridiculous!  So, we decided our best bet would be Saturday mornings when Miss Olivia is fresh for the day.  By 4:30 or 5 in the afternoon she is done.  For a kid who is already shy and stubborn, all of that does not equal a good time had by all.  We all went for the first lesson because she will be more likely to do it if her daddy is there.  He had a great lesson! ;)  She had a decent first lesson.  She participated after 15 or so minutes and with that, John had to do the circuit with her.  This class is labeled as the 'shy' class when I called about beginning classes.  I am hopeful that she gets more confident each time and is excited to go soon.  At the end they had streamers that they were waving and when they were done, her teacher said just wad it up and throw it in the middle.  Bless her!  Wad it up???  Have you lost your mind?!?!  Not my child.  She preceded to fold her piece and when it wasn't right, she opened it up and folded it again.  She stopped in between and ran over and said, "Her told me to wad it up and throw it.  I fold it though."  I hate we don't have more pictures, but we were just trying to get through the lesson.  I snapped these once she was being more independent. 

When I asked her later in the day about what her favorite part was, she held up her hand.  Yep, she liked the stamp the best!  (You can barely see it here.)

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