Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas cards and Shopping

Thank goodness for Olivia.  If it weren't for her, my cards would probably still be in a stack.  She stuffed them all, and Easton tried to help.

....yep, he is banging on an empty pizza box, but he thinks he is helping.  Whatever works, right?!?! 

We took Olivia shopping early in the season to take pictures of items that she wanted.  Easton wasn't overly thrilled, but he was along for the ride.  On the 23rd we took Oscar shopping to help pick out his cousin gifts.  He did a great job and even left with a present for himself.  Later in the day I had to go to Kroger Marketplace.  We all went and while over in the must see toy section, Easton picked up a box, not just one, but a BOX of Paw Patrol pups.  He said, "keep!" and dumped the entire box into the cart.  I removed them to which he told me, "mine!"  Oh me!!

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