Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Adventures of Skippy

Skippy is our scout Elf.  He joined us on December 1st.  He showed up in a stocking and had many adventures throughout the Christmas season.  He hung from the chandeliers, ate mini pancakes with syrup and oj, watched Baby Jesus, came down the banister in the garland, was doc to Doc., built a Christmas tree out of our cups leaving cups on the counter and floor, stood in a handstand with Olivia's first gymnastics trophy and put all of her medals on the fan, stood with the nutcrackers, colored a picture and left one for Olivia and Easton to color, rolled the bathroom, hid in the Christmas tree downstairs, hung out with Rudolph, got cupcake wrappers and sprinkles out (he wanted us to do some baking), left special mints for Olivia and Easton to plant in the special fertilizer, grew candy canes!  It was time to say goodbye and Miss Olivia was sad to see him go!  This was the first year that Olivia was really into Skippy.  She was so sad to see him go!  He left her a note that promised he will return next year.

Skippy spent most of his time on the counters or up high where little hands (ahem, Easton) wouldn't touch him.  Olivia was terrified he would touch him and Skippy would lose his magic.  We assured her that he wouldn't because Easton didn't know any better, but luckily Easton never touched him.

Olivia thought the frozen cereal was yucky, but Easton had 4 bowls one morning.  

Christmas Eve....time to tell Skippy goodbye.  That face!  

Pretty sure Easton didn't even notice Skippy this season, but wanted in on the "goodbye" action.  

In an attempt to get her to quit crying, I came up with the brilliant idea to go out and spread the magic fertilizer outside so Santa would know Skippy was at our house.  Then John politely pointed out that we may get bugs due to the amount of sugar that was thrown out.  Whoopsie!! 

....but she was able to come in, kiss him and feel good about him heading back to the North Pole.  

He left her a note along with some of that magic fertilizer/dust on the table where our cookies were.  I am sure he is back at the North Pole with all of the other scout Elves talking about all the kids.  He saw a lot during his month here with us!  See you next year Skippy!!  

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