Monday, December 15, 2014

Finally, Officially ours in the USA and S. Korea

Monday, December 15th we arrived to the court house.  I had a stomach virus and was worried the night before if I would be able to make it or not.  I got dressed and made it!!
 My Uncle Don was kind enough to do all the paperwork and use the chambers here in town to finalize Easton.  Afterward we headed to Cracker Barrell for a good breakfast.  I was so hopeful to get a picture like what we had when we finalized Olivia.  That picture is still my favorite to this day, but no such luck....we did get some pictures, but nothing grand.  What a big day for our family!!!

One excited kiddo!

We thought Uncle Don was signing papers here.  That's what we went around here for.  He asked us to come watch after he asked Olivia if she was sure she wanted him for her forever brother.  Love that.  She giggled and said, "yes!" he is signing!!!  Easton bent over and kissed Judge Poole, but to us, he is Uncle Pops!  Then Uncle Pops carried Olivia out of the chambers with him.  Great memories, just not cought on camera.

Most of our families were there!  It's hard to get everyone looking in the same place when we are short on time.  The rest of the courtroom was ready for their cases to be heard!  

 So we went out to the hall to snap some pictures!

Ok, I do love this how do I get Easton to smile like this for all pictures (and John)?!?

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