Sunday, December 14, 2014

Putting up the tree

Christmas season is among us.  We have been busy!!!  We have put up two trees at our house, one at mammy and buppy's, and one at nana's.  The kids love it!!!  Easton may have broken one or two, but in truth, he didn't understand.  Olivia has been such a good big sister helping him to be careful and understand.

Tree 1 --our house--Fun for a bit, but I ended up finishing it myself.  As you can see, they wrapped themselves in the garland.  Silly kids!!

Tree 2--Mammy and Buppy's house.  It took us 2 days on this one because we started too late the first night and all the kids melted!

Sunday we went to Nana's house to decorate her tree.  On the way inside I got sick out of nowhere, so I headed back home.  The kids and John went on in and had a great time decorating.  

3 beautiful trees done.  All very different, and I love them all.  Next year I am going to attempt a Korean tree.  We have several ornaments that are from Korea or "Korean" adoption wise.  I have a tree downstairs that is gold and red and I want to slowly convert it to a Korean tree. 

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