Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Honkeytonk Competition

This was Olivia's first big competition.  She went the day before with her daddy to check things out so she wouldn't be too unnerved when she saw the size of the gym.  She is use to the gym that she goes to each week, but this was a college gym set up for the competition.  She had a lot of fun seeing the big girls compete! 

She seemed really pumped when she got home that afternoon!  

Why didn't we go down to watch the big girls?!?!  Two words, consignment season!!  Easton was such huge help, as you can see.  He tried every hat on that we went through and made sure all the toys worked.

Glittered up and ready for competition!

Stretching and checking out everything going on. 

I love her stance.  Look at those little legs!  She is beautiful (and yes, I am a bit biased!).  They are lined up listening to the National Anthem and then introduced.

She has got to learn to salute like this before and after every event.  Perfect salute here, Olivia!!!  

We are so proud of you!  This was a HUGE accomplishment on so many levels!  She got 4th place in her age division!  Way to go baby girl. I could not be more proud of you.  YOU, little one, are our sunshine.  I can't imagine life without you!  YOU make our lives better by the minute.  

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