Friday, March 27, 2015

Valentine's Day-- a month later!

Olivia had to have a school Valentine box this year.  It was our first go at one.  She wanted a Frozen theme.  Shock, I know!!  So, I began looking for ideas.  She went the week before Valentine's saying Frozen, then Lego Friends, then American girl, then a plain ole red box!  Ahhhh!  We arrived back to Frozen and luckily I had a plan already to go.  We got our Frozen fruit snacks and began our box.  She put her name on all of her valentine's, cut her name out on the box, put the hearts on, glittered the cones, and helped put it all together.  This wasn't gonna be a "mommy do"box!

She was pretty pleased with her Frozen Valentine box!  It has since been ripped apart and thrown away.  I made sure she knew that would be the case ahead of time.  

Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday.  This was nice to be able to get up and enjoy the morning.  I got up at 4 to get the house clean and ready for an Oil make and take party.  We were in the throws of consignment season so it was a big job!  I had to move everything to make my house look like a house.  Olivia and Easton woke up to donuts and their Valentine treats.  

I finished setting up the final details for the party and we were ready!  

Next time I will have cute little stands to show my stuff, but I ran out of time, and the 'creative teacher' in me used binder clips!  

Some friends came by and learned about some of the amazing things you can do with oils!  We made a 'sleepy spray,' play-doh, and decorated cookies!  

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!

I returned to tagging immediately after everyone left and the kids played upstairs in the bounce house.  

We finished the day with a great heart shaped pizza!  It was a fun day!  

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