Thursday, April 2, 2015

Family Day

My childhood best friend and I had planned a weekend at her new house for literally a year.  Between kids, work and life in general, it took us that long to get it planned.  Plus, she comes home pretty often so I get to see her then!  We finally had a weekend set!  I decided that since we didn't really do anything for Olivia and Easton's family days that we would head to Legoland.  We didn't say anything to Olivia, until we hit the road after school Friday.  We got to their house late Friday night, but I was so excited to see Karen in her house!!!  It was beautiful!  I absolutely loved it and I am pretty sure I could have stayed up all night and talked with her, but we knew that kids would wake up bright and early. After she cooked a great breakfast of pancakes for all of us it was time to get ready and head to Legoland.

Heath, Reese, John and Olivia rode the 'big kid' lego ride while we hung back and played in the lego pit.  

We went through a really neat room where Atlanta was built out of legos!

 Then, we headed out to the area where the kids got to play in different lego areas.  There was a friends' area, racing area, and lego pits. 

We noticed the kids were quickly melting and that we should head on for lunch.  

My two were asleep immediately after lunch!

How did we not get a picture together Karen?!?!   Sad!!  
We got back to their house and Karen didn't feel so great.  I figured she had gotten car sick since we had been in the car for 45 min.  Nope, bless her heart, she had a horrible stomach virus.  In my mind there is nothing worse than feeling miserable and having people at your house.  John and Heath were outside with the kids and I got us packed up.  We got in the car around 6:30 and headed for home.  Bless her heart.  She was so sick, and then Heath came down with it the next day.  Somehow, we stayed clear of the virus.  
Though it was a short trip, it was a fun trip!  I can't wait to do it again, minus the virus part. :)

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