Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy Easter!!!

We woke up Easter morning and waited on Easton to wake up.  It isn't good to wake him!  Olivia was very patient, but may have made some loud noises to help get him awake faster.  Olivia could hardly wait to see what the Easter bunny brought her!  

He saw his truck and went to pull it out,  The whole basket fell over and he pulled out his new pj's and seemed quite pleased with them!

She LOVED her new Peppa shirt!!  

He got a helmet!  No, not to wear all the time.....though that might help him.  However, it is age 3-5 and doesn't fit his fat melon!

Ready to swim!

Three years ago I made these on Easter morning and it has become a tradition that this is breakfast on that morning.  

After church, mom and dad came to get a picture of us.  I was wrangling Easton and mom got this great shot of Olivia.  

.....And this is the best we got.  

After Easton napped, it was off to Mammy's house for the egg hunt, baskets, and dinner.  This girl looks like she is on a mission.  

It was a great effort, but this was the best we got of all 4.  Loads of funny out takes!

I love how excited she was this year.  She truly appreciated each and everything that she received.  If nothing else, I want her to be appreciative!

He was so excited about each and everything he got!  

During the egg hunt, there was a big kid section and a little kid section.  Notice Easton hunting.....

4 eggs.....happy with his loot.  

Off to play! He was done with the egg hunt.   

 Adeline was yelling, Easton come on!  She had the section to herself!  

Once the big girls finished up, Annelyn came over to the little kid section to see if anything was missed.  

Look at how handsome!  Even he got some eggs in his basket!

Now time for them to go and check out their loot!  It was a great day!!!

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