Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Blastastic Party

Olivia wanted a Miles from Tomorrowland party this year.  Well, Miles she shall have!  I had a hard time thinking of a way to make this girly, but we pulled it off.  She requested a party at her gymnastics gym again, and we had lots of kiddos join!  I loved looking around at her different groups of friends.  She really loved every second of this party.  It flew!  I cannot believe that this kiddo is 6!!!  Where has the time gone?! 
All the Poole's and MaryLeigh hanging out on the side.  Love my family so much!!!  John's family was there and they were everywhere so I never got them all in one place!

These two have gotten to be big buddies lately.  The gap in their age seems to be closing in, and they do well together, most of the time. 

 We love the Jenkins'!  I wanted them to smile, but these two love each other.  When we played a few weeks ago they ran to each other and Landon picked up Olivia and they hugged tightly. 

Maybe next year I will add a table and get more plates!  Again, I ran out of plates and chairs.  We had plenty of Pizza though!

I love watching these two!  They remain good friends over the years.  
Ready for a cosmic cake?!  I think it was smaller than what I wanted, but we had plenty.  We had double chocolate, banana, and fresh strawberry.  YUM!!!  I enjoyed each and every bite!!!
 She insisted on putting  her own candles on.  My OCDness begged to differ, but it was her party!
We love Zoe.  They have become friends since our last Korean playdate!  We are hopeful that they will soon start gymnastics with us!  Don't they favor each other?!  Gorgeous girls!
Pizza and cake!

We have our 'big cousins' and here are our little ones.  They are pretty good friends, too.  

The morning after I always allow for leftover cake and ice cream.  Easton wanted a donut, but Olivia had some cake.  



  1. uhhhh what do you mean, the poole's and mary leigh... i'm pretty sure by now I'm at least an honorary Poole!!!

  2. Great pics! Love the big and little cousins.