Saturday, June 27, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Olivia

We started our morning with a great breakfast and giving Olivia her present.  Since we couldn't bring her bike here I put pictures in a card.  Poor kid, she got 2 cards this year of pictures.  We promised that she could have her pick as soon as we get home! 

We had to go upstairs because right as I complimented Easton on how great he was doing with his juice he spilled it all over him.  Back to the room to change! While we were there, we let Easton give Olivia the present he had gotten her.  We may need to get him one for his birthday. 

She LOVES her questcom that Easton gave her.  We have heard it non-stop. 
Today we planned a safari for Olivia's birthday.  We drove way further than we should have, but we had fun.  I am pretty sure that they should not call this a safari, but a farm adventure.  We drove 5 hours from home to pet goats.  The kids loved it though.  If it involves animals and Olivia getting to interact then she is all in!  I was hopeful for the camel to spit on John.  ;) 

She was a bit nervous with the camels!


I had no idea that baby deer had fur on their antlers.  They were fuzzy.  This baby was super sweet.


She loves anything to do with animals so she was super excited to feed these birds!

All I can think of when I see parakeet's is how many "tweetie's" we had growing up.  Apparently they flew away, escaped, or died when we would go on vacation.  Finally we asked Grandad to watch him and he fell in love.  That bird ate cornbread and lived the life from then on!
 We went to Purina farms to check it out, but they were closing soon.  We made plans to return. 
We ate at Fitz' and enjoyed their root beer.  (well, I did at least) and then we went to Jilly's cupcake and ice cream bakery for a cupcake.  They were out....go figure. They got ice cream and seemed great with that! 
Olivia's main mission when she heard the word hotel was to swim!  She asked 9 times before lunch.  So, we put their suits on and headed down to the pool.  They swam for a bit and had fun! 
 John really wanted to go to the stadium since they were playing a game.  I gave the kids baths and off Olivia and John went.  Easton and I stayed back for me to get him to sleep.  Olivia wanted her picture in front of the "rainbow building."  Why does she look so grown up?!   




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