Monday, June 1, 2015

Spreading Oily love

I was asked to have a booth at a local event.  I got all my stuff together and was super excited about this!  Now realize, it was on the last week of school.  If you are a teacher then you know that is CRAZY time.  Trying to get all the paperwork, grades, awards, gifts, etc. done and oh by the way, present oils at an event.  However, I love my oils and really wanted to participate.  The night of the event was unlike any other spring night I have ever experienced.  It was COLD!!!  I don't mean chilly, it was downright cold!  John brought the kids for a bit and after they ate a burger from a food truck they headed home.  It was a fun event and I hope to get to participate in more things like this!  I have seen oils work in so many ways for my family.  Yes, I was a complete skeptic at first.  My 3 year old asks for them.  We were out today and he was scratching and kept saying, 'oil, oil.' over and over.  Bless him.    

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