Monday, June 29, 2015

St. Louis Day 4

After a busy day yesterday, these two were exhausted!

We were up and early this morning and off to finish up at the zoo.  I am so glad we got there when we did.  Olivia was so excited to match today.  I don't love it, but it makes her so happy to do this.  She hugged me and thanked me over and over.  

This zoo is great!  All of the animals were up close where we could see them.  We saw the chimpanzees, seals, penguins, zebras, giraffes, and many more animals!  

Olivia and the polar bear essentially played together.  Several people around John and Olivia commented on how it appeared that the polar bear was playing with, "that little girl!"  She absolutely loves animals.  She came running back to me grinning ear to ear to tell me about it!  

This is why Easton isn't in many pictures.  He would never look.  We would tell him to say "cheese" and he did, but he didn't look at us!

Monumental moment for this kid, he stood up to go potty!!  Mammy and Buppy, this should thrill you!  Don't worry, he can't on a regular potty because he is to short.  He was quite proud of himself. 

 We finished up at the zoo and headed over to The Magic House.  Olivia was super excited about doing some science.  She had a blast!  She played veterinarian, doctor, viewed the China exhibit, looked at electricity, and more!! 

Ready to take care of the babies!

Giving this pup a shot!

She is taking care of Harley!

Easton the mechanic.  

They had a water table and Easton played until he started splashing everywhere.  

Olivia constructed her own dam to stop up the water without any assistance!

They both climbed and played in the beanstalk. 

The panda area in the Chinese section was one of her favorites! 

 We wrote Love in Chinese.  We put the namechops on.  She wasn't sure of how to do it, so I dotted it and then she traced it.  

 Everyone was hungry and there was a cupcake place a block away.  We all had one, except John.  He ate our leftovers, which weren't much.  

We finished our day of adventures at the science center.  I gotta say, this one is not geared toward our kid's ages.  Olivia had fun, and Easton took a nap on me.  John and Olivia went to the planetarium and she thought it was really neat!  It was closing time and dinner time, so we headed out.

This must be "bone daddy's" friend!  

If you were at least 6, then you could go in and work in a lab.  She got to be a scientist!  

 Proud mom moment.....she got every single one right without any assistance!  Notice, the color is not the same as the word. 

Off to see the stars!

This was neat!  We could move the sand around and watch the land change.

We ate dinner at Pappy's which is a great bbq place here.  It was great!  Unfortunately, Olivia slept through dinner.  She just finished up here in the hotel room and they are both re energized and ready to go.  John and I are exhausted and they are WILD!  

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