Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hot dogs, smores and friends

Last week one of our adoption family friends decided to make a last minute trip up.  Several of us mama's wanted to get together.  I couldn't go to dinner Thursday night, but we ended up having a weenie roast and great time Friday night. 
The kids had a blast!  Why didn't we think to take more pictures?!?!  Our friend Sarah has only been home 2 months with her newest son and we were all amazed at how well he is doing!!  He is absolutely precious!  Sarah's son, Levi overheard that I couldn't make this face,
 so he would walk up to me and laugh and say, "she can't do it!"  It was seriously adorable.  He was so happy.  Olivia and MaryLeigh got a big kick out of it, too.   I love these impromptu times and watching our kids grow and change together!  From fearful to jumping in and playing, it truly is amazing.   
This girl loves to make smores....well, the Olivia way.  Just chocolate and graham crackers.  She doesn't like to eat the marshmallows, just roast them. 

Oh how I love to watch these two play.  They both love to wash dishes....wash away kiddos!!!  They are great friends!  MaryLeigh and I may secretly be planning their wedding!  Those two would be a beautiful family! 

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