Friday, October 18, 2013

3rd Annual Korean Playdate

This year we went to Jackson's Orchard.  Olivia is still talking about it!!  We had a blast.  Not as many of the families got to come this year, but we had fun nonetheless. 

We started out watching the apples on the conveyer belt.  They hand picked out the bad apples for cider and the rest went on down the belt.  They really enjoyed watching!
One of my favorites from the day!  Pure JOY!

  Just a tractor playing kind of day.  Owen, Olivia, Levi and Bates loved playing on this.
Analee would scream with joy sliding down. 
Sarah and Owen!
 Everyone was going on their own.  John had been down with Olivia 5 or 6 times at this point.  He started to send her down and when she realized he wasn't with her she put on the breaks.  She stopped here, put her legs out and climbed back up for him to join her. 
I am not sure who is smiling bigger....Olivia or her daddy?!?!? 
Pretty proud of herself. 
A little duck racing.

Loving the hayride!
These two hit it off for a while!  A year ago, this would not have happened for Olivia.  She was so happy playing with Analee. 
I think they thought they were little hens in the corn maze.  They would stop, crouch and pick up pieces of corn.  Here they are showing off their loot. 
Oh the many faces of Olivia!
Apparently Bates thought she needed more pumpkins on either side.  He began working carrying pumpkins and lining them up.  Love! 
Brodie joined in adding pumpkins.
C'mon boys stand with Olivia!  All that hard hold hands and smile!  That is a lot of cuteness there people!!
A pretty amazing group of mamas! 
It was time for some to hit the road, and we wanted a quick picture of the kids.  Why do we do this last?  Ok, my kid was really the only one who didn’t cooperate at first.  I asked Olivia what was wrong and why she had been all smiles all day, but now was angry.  She broke into tears and said she didn’t everyone to leave. 

She loved that they ate out of her hand. 
She was asleep before we got down the driveway of the orchard. 

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