Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New pictures and papers in court!!!

Thursday morning, we received a phone call from our social worker letting us know that our papers had gone in to court!!!!!!!  This is one of the last steps!  Theoretically, we will wait 2-3 weeks for this process and then be given a court date.  From that date we would, again, theoretically wait a month.  If all of this happens, our boy could be home for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Time will tell.  Unfortunately, this whole process is completely unpredictable.  They could decide to be done in November and not process anyone else through.  If that is the case, it would be Feb/March at best.  So, we are praying for a quick court approval and then court date.  We are also praying that we will have just the 14 days between court appearance and approval.  Some judges are taking 4-6 weeks depending on the situation.   Each day is a day closer!  We are coming little one!
Friday morning, we received three pictures of our little guy.  He is currently 23 lbs and 32 inches tall. 

 I love this picture.  He is concentrating on this book so hard.
I think he may be about to cry.  He looks like he is trying to get down and getting fussy???

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  1. Great news! It has finally become official. I hope the process of adoption will even speed up further from now on. I hope the folks who are administering your legal papers keep up a nice work and really get this thing going. It's the least anyone can do, right? Wishing you all the best! :)

    Erin Cooper @ DJ&H Process Service, Inc.