Thursday, October 10, 2013

Zoo trip!

Today we went to the zoo.  We both could not believe how much Olivia has changed since we last went to the zoo.  She was less hesitant and seemed brave and more confident in herself.  We had a fun day! 
 The kangaroos were awesome!  I hadn't ever seen one, and you can let them come right up to you. 
She cut her eyes to see if I would let her get closer.  All the signs say to stay on the path, but this one got super close and she could hardly stand it.  John picked her up several times and put her back on the path.  We kept hoping it would come closer, but he laid down and just fell asleep. 


Bless her!  She followed the birds, tried to pet them, and held her arm out for them to sit on her.  After 4 cups of nectar, and the help of the zoo keeper, one finally sat on her.  She was one happy girl!
She was afraid if she smiled or moved too much that the bird would fly away.  This was the best she would give me.

Map check!
We finished out the day at the petting area.  She petted every single animal in there! 

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  1. Look how long her hair is getting! Love it! Next time Levi and I will have to join you!!