Saturday, June 7, 2014

Big girl school

Another end to a year at MDO.  I can't believe that this is the end of her time there.  We have been so blessed by each teacher that Olivia has had.  This year, Olivia gave her teacher a flower with a couple of gift cards.  The tag said "thank you for helping me grow."  Her teacher, Mrs. Lauren really did help her grow in so many ways.  Each teacher she has had has been perfect for each season of Olivia's development so far.  We have been truly blessed by each teacher there as well as the director. 
We decided to hold Olivia from Kindergarten this next year.  She will be five in June, and as a kindergarten teacher, I think holding her a year is what is best at this point.  Hopefully she will grow out of some of her shyness and mature a bit.  I think academically she would be fine, but in my opinion, I would rather hold her a year than have her struggle some if any.  She will be going to a pre- kindergarten program next year five days a week.  It is a class of 23, so hopefully she will make lots of new friends and have a blast! 
 I went ahead and sent her some this spring just so she wouldn't have as hard of a transition in the fall.  She did well and seemed to like it.  The day before she started school she kept saying she thought she would puke the next morning.  She is a nervous puker, so this isn't uncommon.  I told her that was ok.  Come to find out, when I picked her up that afternoon she had a 104.5 temp and felt awful.  She was getting sick and must have not felt her best the afternoon before.  She went like a trooper and had a fun time. 

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