Saturday, June 14, 2014

Annelyn's recital

This year, Annelyn was in three dances!!  That definitely helps when attending a recital.  This particular dance was my favorite.  She is with her best friend and they were partners.  They had a lot of fun with this dance.  It was to the song on Greece "We go together!"  I happen to love the movie Greece, so that helped, too.  Annelyn did a great job!!  Always proud of that sweet girl! 

Olivia sure does love Annelyn!
 Annelyn's other grandma got the girls the headbands again this year.  Olivia still has hers from last year and loves it!  I thought it was super sweet of her to get one for Olivia again. 

She was worn out on the ride home.  She was such a good girl during the recital.  She made it thru the whole thing this year!  Last year we had to keep going outside for small breaks.  

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