Thursday, June 12, 2014

Memorial day weekend

Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff to In between working, we took breaks and played with two super cute kiddos! 

He LOVES to swing!!!

This girl has learned to swing on her own!  No more pushing for her!!  She can pump her legs big time!

It's always fun to give Easton a push!

I love this picture!  Olivia and Easton were walking to the front.  John was mowing.  Look at Olivia's arm.  She held Easton back to make sure he didn't get hurt.  She threw her arm back and told him to stop!  Way to go big sis!  They are becoming pretty good buddies (occasionally).  I think once he can talk more they will have lots of fun together!

 We jumped on the trampoline while Easton napped.
She came at me and I happened to get a good pic.  Usually these turn out blurry, but this one just shows one HAPPY girl!
 Olivia loves this pool!  This was Easton's first time in the pool.  He had fun after being in it a few minutes.  As you can see by his swim trunks, these were bought our first summer waiting.  Sorry bud, these need to go, but they worked for this particular day of fun in the sun! 

HAPPY SUMMER!!!  Olivia informs me each day, multiple times a day that it is summer.  We need to eat cold things like ice cream and swim every day!  Those are her rules to summer.

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