Sunday, July 13, 2014

Adeline is two!

Last Saturday we celebrated Adeline turning two!!!  This year it was a watermelon theme!   
I really liked how the banner turned out this year. 
Olivia and I celebrated by having watermelon toes!
I was happy to get a pic of the four of us since I managed not to get one on Olivia's birthday. 
The kids played on the playground a bit before dinner. 
Easton was happy playing as long as he had his chips!

The birthday girl and her daddy.  

Ready for cake!! 

Easton spotted it and over he came to get his piece!


Presents....and a lot of help!
  Hey!  Where did you get that?!

Let me take a closer look! 

Adeline was less than happy when Easton tried to take her change pouch!  "No, EE!"

What's in here?!

A little more play time while we cleaned up.  Look at this kid climb!!  He went up and down over and over!
She had a blast playing with the 'big' kids!
Happy birthday Adeline!  What a great party.  I can't wait to see what being 2 brings.  We love you!


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