Tuesday, July 1, 2014


How did this happen?!?!  Olivia is FIVE!!!!  That seems like such a big kid!  For her birthday we were going to go get donuts, but she decided she wanted cereal.  We gave her her first present and told her it was a clue to her day. 

From there we asked her to put on her swimsuit and then we loaded up.  She was convinced we were going to the pool in our neighborhood.  We took Easton to my parents and then headed out.  We had about an hour drive, and she began to ask questions.  At one point, she asked why we weren't back home to swim yet.  John told her we were going to look at all the cool water towers.  With that, she decided that meant she was swimming at the water towers.  About 20 minutes in she sighed and said, "daddy, you ruining my whole day!"  Finally we arrived to the water park that we went to last summer on her birthday and she was thrilled.  She jumped out of her seat when we parked and climbed up to the front and hugged both of us and was ready to get in!! 
 She started in the sprinkler area and then down to the pool area. 
These things are heavy to move.  It makes me laugh to see how she puts her whole body into it!

A little break for lunch....her request--pizza!

It was getting crowded and time to head home.  She fell asleep quickly on the way home.  When we got home I went for some party errands and picked up Easton from my parents.  I asked her what she wanted for dinner.  We could go anywhere she wanted.  She asked for....pizza.  Obviously we don't ever have real pizza around here, so she was craving it!

 A little playtime with Sophie....we are dog sitting this week and Olivia is loving it.
 She opened her present from Easton and Oscar after we ate dinner.

After dinner, we headed over to my parents house for her to open her present there.  She had a plan.  She said, "when we done there, we go to Nana's for my present?!"  Oh me!!  She thinks ahead of us!
Easton, say cheese!! "che!"
 She was so excited to get the American Girl gymnastics set!!  She has played with it non-stop!
It was getting late so we headed home.  She had a couple more presents to open and then it was time for ice cream. 

Lego friends "Olivia's house" --she has been working on building this since Sunday!

 Excited to see her new swing set that will be here next week!

 Ready for bed after a big birthday, but we had to have some ice cream with candles first.  I knew Saturday would be filled with cake so I didn't buy one for Friday. 

As she blew out her candles I could only think about her birth mother and how thankful I am to be her mommy.  We always talk about how she has to blow the candle out so the smoke can reach Korea.  
What a great day June 27th was!  I look forward to this day each year.  It's amazing how I get more excited about her birthday than my own.  It is so exciting to see her pure joy in the day and all the adventures that come with it!  Olivia, we are so blessed to have you as our daughter.  We cannot wait to watch you grow.  We love you more than I can even put into words.

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