Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

As I type this, I have two kiddos in the bed and I can still hear fireworks going off.  For some reason, the 4th of July is a holiday that I seemed to miss Easton more before he was home.  I have had the outfit that he wore yesterday for 2 years!  It was one of the first things I let myself buy when we were waiting for him.  It was super clearanced out and I just knew he would be home by the following summer....add on another year and here we are!  Yesterday didn't quite turn out as planned, but it was a fun day.  I knew Easton had not seemed like himself, but couldn't pin point why.  He had a little temp, but not long.  He was just whiny and hadn't really eaten much which isn't like him.  He loves to eat!  I narrowed it down to teeth, ears or throat.  Our plans for the 3rd were to go eat at my parents and then meet up with friends at the local fireworks.   I wanted to be sure it wasn't another ear infection since we always sit close.  I figured the noise would really hurt if it was his ears.  With that, I made a doctor appointment.  As I waited (over an hour) for the doctor I questioned why we were there.  He was laughing, happy and seemed normal.  His eyes seemed brighter than they had in two days.  I did notice a white spot on his tonsil when he was belly laughing, but I am not a doctor. ;)  Finally, he came in and after looking him over, he concluded that he has hand, foot and mouth.  UGH!  Well, happy 4th, right??!!!  I knew fireworks were out.  I called my mom and she told us she had bought the food to come on!  I was just going to have John take Olivia over because I knew she wanted to see Annelyn.  I called my sister and she also seemed ok with us coming so I decided we would all join.  Apparently I read her voice wrong.....she never put Adeline down as long as Easton was around.  I can't say I blame her.  It is very contagious.  Mom and dad's neighbor came to eat dinner which I didn't know when we decided to go over, but I don't think it is as contagious for adults as it is for kids (unless you are pregnant).  After a yummy dinner, we loaded up and went a street over to the neighborhood fireworks.  No traffic, no huge crowd and great fireworks.  In some of these pictures below, you will see why I questioned him feeling bad.  However, today he has felt worse.  He has been super whiny and slept for 2 1/2 hours.  A typical nap for him is no more than 45 minutes!


Blankets on the 4th....and not just to sit on!!!  I don't think I have ever felt any form of chilly/cold on the 4th of July!  This weather feels like early spring or fall!  We better soak it up while it lasts, the humidity will be back soon, but this sure is nice! 

Such a gorgeous day!  I think I could have been outside all day!  Unfortunately, this was short lived.  Since Easton didn't feel his best, we ended up coming in, getting lunch, and then him napping. 

Oscar is loving this weather!  He was soaking up some rays! 

.....and this is why we didn't last long outside.  He has had this face way more than that cute smiley face the last few days.  Poor kiddo!  Hoping he feels better tomorrow. 
Before heading to Mammy and Buppys for dinner, we did some crafting. 
Olivia made fireworks!
Easton's first handprint craft.  Oh my heavens....I deserve a medal for this!  I would put paint on his fingers and he would roll them.  I tried his foot next and he giggled so much, because he is crazy ticklish, that the paint dried before I could get his whole foot painted.  So, I stuck a pole on the side of this one and called it done.  I decided it looks like it is blowing upward.   
Happy 4th!!!  Even though Easton was sick, it sure was great to have him home to watch fireworks this year!  I have two amazing kids!   I am so lucky!

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