Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Party prep

For some reason, I committed myself to TWO birthday parties this year.  Yep, two.  I decided to have her "friend" party and then her family party separately.  It worked out, but next time I will do them on separate days.  Whew!  I gave myself a two hour window to switch gears, but by the time we got home from her first party I had an hour. 
Olivia was super excited about having two parties!  She was quite the little helper.  One day when I came home with all the decorations I asked her why she didn't seem more excited about it all now that it was about to happen.  With a big sigh and her little arms going, she said, "I just don't like it all until it is organized!"  It was off to organizing from there!! 

Easton thinks he is helping.  Ha!!
She sat and put every single invitation into the envelope!
 She helped with the centerpieces!
She put the sticks in for the lego friends after I drilled the holes.
 We had a lot of legos to put into the containers!!


What a great helper!  I love that she loves to help create things with me.  This is one amazing kiddo that I love more than anything. 

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