Tuesday, October 21, 2014

4th Annual Korean Playdate

This is a day that I look forward to all year long.  This is a day of getting to be around people who "get it."  People who know your heart even if they don't know you very well.  They get the wait, the paperwork, the transition of bringing your child home....the GET IT!!!!  We have actually probably seen more of each other this year since we had several homecomings!  We have celebrated together, prayed together, cried together and laughed together. 
Sunday we enjoyed another gorgeous day at a pumpkin patch/apple orchard.  The kids had a blast!  Olivia rode a horse by herself for the first time.  Nell, Easton, Davis and Wren were all aboard this year whereas last year they were pictures on the other side of the world.  They were our children, but we could only give stats that we had received from updates.  We didn't have a definitive timeline and our typical answer was, "I am not sure...".  Not this year!  We got to watch our kids play, interact and have a great day!  It is such a blessing to have a circle of friends that we get to share a common bond with.  I hope this continues for years to come!  I know I truly treasure the time. 

The kids love this slide!  John and Nick would come down and the kids would be half way back up the stairs again to go down.  


Can I slow down time???  I love her more than words can describe! 

 I always think Zoe and Olivia favor.  They are so cute together and had a great time!  More play dates in our future for sure now that her family has moved closer! 

I sure do hope these two stay forever buddies! 

He is crazy about Nick!
 Easton follows his sisters every step.  He adores her!

My two little pumpkins!

Good gracious she is strong!

Apples!!  Easton may have eaten a few on the ground while Olivia picked them! 
Hmmm.....these two look like they are having a conversation, a very serious on at that!   

 Don't they look like they are laughing at each other!?
She was determined to get a rabbit and hold it.  Davis was quite interested in this, but I think she may have pushed him out of the way....

A few minutes later she came over yelling, "Mommy!!  Look!!!"  Yep, she got one!

 Sweet, sweet girls!!


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