Thursday, October 16, 2014

Myrtle Beach day 6

It was our last day on the beach. 



We left the beach mid day and headed to a garden that had a zoo along with it.  Apparently it had great reviews.  Well, those people were wrong.....we should have stayed at the beach!  The zoo wasn't much, but we saw otters, eagles, birds, gators, and farm animals. 


Easton was happy to be in this stroller contraption that was 'complimentary.'  Leslie and her family got in upon arriving and Adeline didn't want to ride, so insert Easton.

.  He thought this was absolutely hilarious.   

No, he isn't really whispering to John.  He is licking him.  But, I got a cute shot, nonetheless.
The girls had a 'look and find' booklet so they were pleased.  Olivia didn't initially have one and she was super bummed, but we got one after the zoo.
As we left there was a large statue of a man.  The kids all climbed up just to be sure he wasn't real. 
 We headed over to another area with small shops and walked around before dinner.  They had a playground here and my kids had a blast.  I was playing with Olivia and hit my head on that nice pole you see behind the kids, so I sat down and took a few pictures before dinner.
It was back to the condo to pack and clean.  Time to head back home the next morning.

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