Sunday, October 12, 2014

Myrtle Beach Day 2

We got up and headed down to the beach.  The girls immediately started digging.  They worked and worked.  The tide was low and they started pretty high up.  As the day went on the tide rolled in.  Olivia decided to block the tide by doing the splits....cause that's gonna help, ya know!  Annelyn got up and kicked the water out of the way....silly girls!

 They worked and worked and worked!
Adeline got sent to get sand. 
The little ones joined the big girls and sat in the middle of their pool. 
A much more relaxed Easton today.  He loved the water and it was fairly warm!

Time out from digging to splash!

A little shell looking!


Flipping every direction!
We were ready for Mammy and Buppy to be there!  We loaded up and headed back to the condo.  Olivia and I fell asleep and when we woke up Mammy and Buppy were there!  We went to eat dinner at Bubba's Fish Shack.  It was right on the water and we planned to walk the beach after dinner, but it got pretty chilly. 

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