Monday, October 13, 2014

Myrtle Beach Day 3

 Up and ready!!!  Excited to have everyone in one place.
We took our time getting up and down to the beach and went to look for shells.  The girls realized that Mammy is a shell snob and they had to have all shells approved by her.  They thought this was funny, and asked about  Adeline had a bucket of pieces and Easton spent 20 min. or so in someone's sand castle and threw the shells they had put in there.  I would tell him to come on and he would just shake his head.  We weren't in a hurry, but good grief kid!

 We continued on....

...and Easton eventually joined. 

The girls sorted through their shells.  I am not sure why, but they wanted to and seemed to enjoy doing this. 

Olivia took off chasing birds (cause who doesn't think that's fun!) and Easton just looked at her as if to say, "what in the world are you doing?!"
 Back to the water. 

Snack break with Buppy!  Easton sure is crazy about "Buh."
Easton's daily napping spot while on the beach. 
 While we were sitting and everyone was snacking, we started talking about dinner.  Moose (Jeremy) can't sit still for more than .2 seconds said, "I will go get us some!"  Ha!  He took off with both nets.  He came back a few minutes later and said he was gonna need a bucket.  I can safely say that no one was counting on him to catch dinner, but we all got a good laugh.     
One tired kiddo!

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