Saturday, October 11, 2014

Myrtle Beach day 1

We got to the beach Saturday mid day.  We unloaded and immediately got our swimsuits on. 

We got to the beach at high tide, but Olivia and Easton didn't care.  He didn't love his first steps in the sand.
 He got the hang of it and LOVED it the rest of the week.  I am sure this morning he will wonder what the heck happened.....we are back here at home. I loved how he just stood and initially looked out at the water.  It's a big world out there, buddy.  It was as if he was taking it all in. 
He noticed he was sinking....he couldn't figure it out and as he ran back he would get super dizzy and fall everytime.  He got the hang of it and could hold his own after the first day. 

John was holding Easton and Olivia was "jumping" some waves.  A big wave came and John swooped her up before it took her down.  It was too cute and funny!

 Olivia was showing him how it's done.  See Easton, you just lay here, like this!
We were only out there a little bit and then it was time for dinner.  By the time we all had showers it was getting late.  Olivia wanted pizza, so we went to one that wasn't a place we could eat at home.  We went back to the condo and settled in.  Leslie and her family got there around midnight.  Olivia was one excited girl to wake up and see her cousins!


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