Monday, May 25, 2015

More competitions

This competition was at a local gym on May 3rd.  She got 2nd on this particular event.  I think it was vault.  Overall she got 4th.  

Here is Olivia and her buddies.  They all just made the Bronze team, so they will be spending lots of time together!

This competition was on May 17th.  She scored 5th overall.  

Warming up.....

(mid air of a backwards roll--floor routine)

I love this picture!  She is so happy and has really come out of her shell with gymnastics!

On the way home she said, "you know what?! I sure am proud of myself today!"  To me, that makes it all worthwhile.  We will continue gymnastics as long as she is happy and loving it.  She is good at it, and the more she comes out of her shell the better she will do with it, I think. 

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