Wednesday, May 27, 2015

End of Pre-K


Olivia went to two different Pre-K schools this year.  We started at one, but I decided she needed more structure.  With that, I was able to get her into a 2 day a week program.  Let me remind you, this is the child that use to have to have a "puke bucket" just for my mom to be able to leave her.  She finished her first day and couldn't wait to return!  So, I posed the question, do you want to try another school similar to this new one or stay at your first school.  Without hesitation, she said, "the other new one like the one I went to today!"  So, the following day, she did just as amazing and went into her 3rd new class in a matter of weeks.  New place, new kids, new teacher, new everything!  She did it!  She spent the year at these 2 pre-k schools and LOVED them.  She excelled in many ways and I truly feel she is now ready for kindergarten, minus not being able to say 's' words.  It may be because she has minimal teeth in her head right now because she keeps losing them, but that is something I will watch since 's' is a 5 year old sound.  Graduation time came and she did great!  The first time she got on stage she stayed, and fought away tears.  She had a speaking part and couldn't do it.  It is a real fear that she has.  She literally couldn't do it.  I felt so bad for her, but she was on the stage and stood like a big girl.  Once that was over the other classes sang their songs.  Then up she came on the 'razors.'  She had been telling us about how excited she was to stand on the top 'razor!'  (riser)  She got up there with her buddy and the next thing we knew she was singing, smiling and even giggled some.  HUGE people, this is HUGE!!!!  One by one they came forward and had to walk across the stage to get their diploma.  She did it!  In a large sanctuary with a lot of people, she was able to do it.  I was so proud of her because I knew how proud she would be of herself--and she was!  I cannot thank her sweet teacher enough for all her hard work, love and support that she gave Olivia this year.  What a blessing Mrs. Kim has been in our lives!

Slow down kiddo, you are growing up too fast!

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