Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Springtime Saturdays

John teaches high school math.  Each spring he offers Saturday morning tutoring to all of his students for the upcoming end of course testing.  Not many ever show (shocker....a teenager doesn't want to get up and do math on a Saturday morning!), but he goes.  Credit where credit is due, that is pretty impressive.  He doesn't get paid, but that's what teachers do.  
Olivia delights in this time with her daddy.  I told her I was going shopping with Mammy and would love to have her come.  Nope, she said she had promised daddy she would go with him.  We both told her it was completely fine to come with me, but she was determined to keep her word.  I love this girl and all that she is!  She has an amazing heart!  So, Saturday morning came and she popped up fresh as a daisy and got ready.  She could hardly wait!  John is good to send pictures whenever he has the kids.  This is over several weeks.  

Week 1 she sharpened pencils and helped with other little jobs.  

Week 2 she did some flipping, drew on the board, and hung out with the students (I won't post their pictures.)

Exhausted from a busy morning!  

Week 3
 She didn't go shopping with us, but I got some great deals!  Easton was so pumped about his new shirt he took it and put it on!  

After a full day of shopping he was worn out!  We told him to not let his balloon fall or it would pop.  He held on tight with it up in the air the whole time.  We got home and he saw Olivia out on the driveway playing.  He lowered his arm and POP went the balloon.  I couldn't help but laugh.  Luckily, he loves to get a laugh so he also laughed once he saw I thought it was funny!

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