Thursday, May 28, 2015

Swimming Lessons

This spring I decided it was time for Olivia to learn how to swim....without floaties.  Pretty sure she should be doing that by now!  So, I contacted a girl use to swim at the pool where I was a lifeguard.  I gave many swimming lessons, but I knew I couldn't teach my own child.  That would be an epic fail!  So, off we went.  She was pumped!  She got goggles for Easter and swim lessons started 2 weeks later!  I introduced her to Ms. Lindsay and then said, "see ya in a bit!"  A year ago that would NOT have been possible!  She has come SO far!  She took right off with Lindsay and did pretty well.  At this point it is a practice thing and now that we are on summer break, I told Lindsay I wanted to do 1 or 2 weeks of everyday lessons to get Olivia confident in the water.

John and I have taken turns taking Olivia to lessons.  Easton always seems to be with whoever takes her.  I let him play on the racquetball courts.  He loves it!  John walks him over to the softball fields and he loves to watch the girls play for a bit.  

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